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The Nemeckiy Peninsula – Cape Romanov

Historical tour

All participants of this fascinating military-historical tour, together with our guide, will take a boat on the Barents Sea to Paytahaminna Bay, cross Cape Romanov on foot, and get acquainted with the German fortifications of the Second World War, located on Nemeckiy Peninsula. An experienced guide will tell you about the heroic defense of Murmansk during the Second World War, about sea battles, the construction of German fortifications and the landing of Soviet troops during the Petsamo-Kirkenes operation.

  • 06:30

    Departure from Murmansk

  • 09:30


  • 10:30

    Arrival at Paytahamine Bay

  • 11:00

    Tour of the German fortifications at Cape Romanov

  • 14:00

    Nemeckiy Peninsula

  • 15:00

    Tour of the German fortifications at Nemeckiy Peninsula

  • 18:30

    Transition to Liinahamari

  • 21:00

    Return to Murmansk

Liinahamari is a small village with a great history, scarred during the great Patriotic war and the name that has not been completely solved. Some people call it Stone flower, some Fortress on a rock, in the old Russian explorers named the Otvorotnaya Bay. And later the name devkin’s backwater was assigned to it…

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Warm clothing

Weather on the Kola Peninsula can change several times a day. Therefore, for a comfortable stay during the tour, we recommend that you take warm clothes and reliable, waterproof shoes with you.

Personal First Aid Kit

We always have with us a first-aid kit with the necessary medicines for the traveler. But, if you need to take special medicines as prescribed by doctors, do not forget to put them in a backpack.

Clean drinking water

We know how they can exhaust long trips. To quench your thirst and restore strength, be sure to stock up on clean drinking water or hot tea.


During the tour, we constantly arrange photo shoots against the backdrop of the Northern Lights, on the shores of the Arctic Ocean, near historical attractions and simply against the background of unforgettable northern nature. Take a camera or smartphone with a camera with you, and memories of the trip will remain with you for life.
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