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Severomorsk – the capital of the Northern Fleet

Fascinating bus tour

“Severomorsk is a city of Naval glory, the main base of the Northern fleet of Russian Federation. The headquarters of a fleet, warships and submarines are based here. The history of a city is closely linked with Maritime traditions, literally everything reminds you of the prowess of russian sailors, who carry on military duty day by day.
To get one-time passes for 20 days, you must provide your passport or both certificate of the tour participant.

  • 10:00

    Departure from Murmansk

  • 10:40

    Submarine K –21 tour

  • 11:40

    Excursion to the Museum of the History of the Northern Fleet

  • 13:00

    City tour

  • 13:30

    Visit to the house of Yuri Gagarin

  • 14:30

    Exhibition of military equipment in Safonovo

  • 16:00

    Return to Murmansk

Severomorsk grew up on the place of the former Vaenga settlement, founded in the end of 19th century. The native inhabitants of the Kola Peninsula – the Sami – came here and found a small mountain river full of fish. In the early 20th century in addition to Sami andPomors, Finns and Russians lived here. After the October events of 1917, the most of Finns left for their historical homeland. According to the regional Museum of local lore, in 1917, only 13 people lived in Vaenga. And only in the 20s the active development of these territories began.

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Warm clothing

Weather on the Kola Peninsula can change several times a day. Therefore, for a comfortable stay during the tour, we recommend that you take warm clothes and reliable, waterproof shoes with you.

Personal First Aid Kit

We always have with us a first-aid kit with the necessary medicines for the traveler. But, if you need to take special medicines as prescribed by doctors, do not forget to put them in a backpack.

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We know how they can exhaust long trips. To quench your thirst and restore strength, be sure to stock up on clean drinking water or hot tea.


During the tour, we constantly arrange photo shoots against the backdrop of the Northern Lights, on the shores of the Arctic Ocean, near historical attractions and simply against the background of unforgettable northern nature. Take a camera or smartphone with a camera with you, and memories of the trip will remain with you for life.
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